commission for arealgreg(“sci-fi! go wild!” greg said."gooey fish bug!" i replied.)

a million modern malus aus. how many freckles trysta has apparently varies in each one

digging around in my screenshots. rae and kat doodles from last summer

i’ve gotten quite a few new followers over the past week so i wanted to say hey and thanks for the follow! i’m elemei and i’m studying illustration as a sophomore this fall. while i’m currently on a dragon age kick, i typically like to draw my story ocs (mostly from malus). i also take commissions! i’m currently closed but i’ll probably open slots again in the next few weeks, if you’re interested.

feel free to send me an ask anytime! i will likely reply privately unless i feel my answer would be a good psa. i really appreciate all of the super sweet messages i’ve received already. hope all y’all are doing gr8!!


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i don't think i can properly relay how much i love that potato's face is literally ( ´_ゝ`)


i don’t know what you’re talking about